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Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India 2023

India is a growing center for manufacturing that attracts businesses from around the world to locate their operations there. broadening one’s network and looking for chances The top 10 solar panel manufacturers in India anticipate exponential growth in demand in the future and are working to increase their output as quickly as possible. In order to reduce carbon emissions, clean and green energy consumption and demand are growing now that the essential manufacturing infrastructure is in place. Due to extensive commercialization, India’s carbon footprint has greatly increased.

Over the past couple of decades, solar energy has made a major impact on India’s energy sector. Currently, solar energy or solar modules made by India’s top manufacturers are in great demand, particularly in the rural sector since they supply the necessary energy to operate electrical appliances at home that produce the necessary amount of heat for cooking. India’s solar industry is expanding quickly, and it is anticipated that it will soon offer plenty of job possibilities for qualified workers both technically and professionally.

According to the most recent information provided by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), as of February 2022, 132.15 GW of installed energy capacity had been constructed made throughout the nation, with an additional 46.5 GW of capability in various stages of execution.

Benefits that solar energy are:

  • A source of renewable energy
  • Lower electricity costs
  • Low cost of upkeep
  • Environmentally friendly One-time investment
  • Negative emissions

The government is offering subsidies for the installation of solar energy systems in various states in order to meet all the goals and benefits of solar energy. Government incentives are even assisting individuals in starting their own solar enterprises by enabling them to buy franchises from one of India’s top solar panel manufacturers in India. The following list includes the top 10 solar companies in India that adhere to all current solar energy trends.

The leading Solar Panel Manufacturing Companies in India are as follows:

Adani Solar Energy

This group has one of the best manufacturers of solar panels in India. Another one of “the top 10 solar panel in India manufacturer” is Adani Green Energy, which produces solar PV modules. One of the top 15 developers of utility-scale solar power in the world is Adani Solar, a division of Adani Enterprises Ltd. Solar cells and panels with a capacity of 1.5 GW and more are produced in Mundra, Gujarat. One of the largest installers of solar panels manufactured in India is Adani Solar.

The first and largest vertically integrated solar panel company in India, Adani Solar provides products and services across the entire photovoltaics production sector. The state-of-the-art technology, which includes gear acquired from top Indian solar companies, intends to provide cost leadership, operational scale, and reliability standards in line with global benchmarks. In Mundra, India, Adani Solar is currently building the first fully integrated and complete ecosystem for the production of 10 GW of solar power.

  • Completed about 250 MW projects
  • More than 400 MW are being used.
  • Most rapidly expanding distributed and rooftop solar EPC company.

With the aid of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment from top-tier suppliers, we hope to achieve cost leadership, operational scale, and reliability levels that meet or exceed industry norms. The largest solar PV cell and module producer in India, with a 1.5 GW capacity, is located in Mundra, Gujarat.

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Saatvik Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

One of the top-ranking and fastest-expanding module manufacturers among the top 10 solar panels in India manufacture is Saatvik Green Energy. The company currently operates its production out of Ambala and has its corporate headquarters in Gurugram. The production plant in Ambala is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery designed using the latest technology, along with automated assembling technology for quicker operations. Saatvik produces high- and premium-quality Solar PV Modules for Rooftop, Commercial, and Utility applications, with an annual production capacity of 1.5 GW. The company uses M-10 Technology to provide a variety of solar PV modules, including polycrystalline up to 335 WP, bifacial mono perc up to 545 WP, and mono perc half cut up to 590 WP.

Another premium-quality solar module with high-efficiency power will be released by Saatvik. Prepare to see the next generation of technology, which will soon be shown and will produce 660 Wp modules using N-type technology. Saatvik wants to create the most important ecosystem in the nation as one of the top solar manufacturing enterprises in India. In an effort to set standards and earn a spot among the top 10 solar panel producers in India, Saatvik Green Energy Pvt Ltd is relentlessly pursuing technological advancements.

Additionally, the solar panel company in India recently introduced EPC services to its business verticals with the goal of providing materials and performing installations for the most prestigious projects worldwide. With the addition of EPC services, the company will soon set new standards. Leading research media sources like JMK & Mercom have named Saatvik Solar as one of the “Top 3 module manufacturing companies”. The company has established a solid brand reputation in the market as the most promising module maker because to the high-quality modules it has produced across significant marquee projects.

With the high quality goods and services it provides, Saatvik Green has quickly established a remarkable standard of excellence. Through persistent work, the company has risen to the position of one of the “Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturing Companies in India”.

Tata power solar

This solar panel company in India excels throughout the whole solar value chain, from creating solar products and cell/module production to carrying out rooftop and utility-scale solar projects. Since commissioning its first solar installation in 1991 and had more than 425 MW of rooftop systems installed as of this writing, the Company has been a pioneer in India’s rooftop industry for more than 30 years. This solar power company continues to be a preeminent innovator in the country of India.

India’s largest solar EPC contract has been awarded to Tata Power Solar. With SJVN Limited publishing a letter of intent for a 1GW EPC order for INR 5500 Cr., Tata Power Solar moves closer to achieving its goal of helping India achieve its sustainability goals by including one of the largest solar EPC projects into its portfolio. In designing this EPC order, ‘Make in India’ cells and modules were used creatively. In accordance with the MNRE’s CPSU strategy, the project will be constructed and completed in 24 months. This project, which would span more than 5000 acres of land in Rajasthan, aims to prevent about 22, 87,128 kg of carbon emissions while producing roughly 2500 million units annually.

Waaree Energies Limited

Waaree Energies Ltd., a Mumbai-based company with more than 360 locations in India and 68 other countries, was established in 1989. One of the major Indian manufacturers of solar panels, Waaree, has magnificent 2 GW module production facilities in Surat. The first company in India to have an internal NABL lab facility is Waaree Energies. They offer a wide range of services, including independent power plants, solar water pumps that are solar rooftop solutions, and EPC services. With more than 32 years of experience and a presence in 68 countries globally, Waaree Energies Ltd. is one of the leading solar panel producers to rely on.

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Waaree Energies is a leading provider of EPC services, project development, rooftop remedies, solar water pumps that are and independent power generation in India. India’s No. 1 Solar Panel Producer, 2 GW The largest solar panel producer in India. In order to provide our customers with high-quality, reasonably priced solar products, Waaree Energies has the greatest solar PV module manufacturing capacity of 2 GW in India.

Vikram Solar

 In India, solar projects totaling more than 1355 MW have been built and put into service. They can produce more than 1 GW of solar panels and have a 10 kW floating solar factory in Kolkata. A prominent provider of solar energy solutions, Vikram Solar Limited is based on giving high quality PV modules and giving whole EPC solutions.


 1355 MW*+ OF SOLAR PROJECTS IN INDIA AND ABROAD WITH AN ANNUAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF 1.2 GW. Since 2006, Vikram Solar Limited has been growing on the almost a decade of achievements of the Vikram Group’s manufacturing history and royal legacy.

 Loom Solar

Solar loom is one of the best solar panel manufacturers in India. With a 100 MW producing capability, Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a lithium battery producer located in Faridabad, Haryana. The large variety of solar panels offered by the solar panel Company in India, which was founded in 2018, ranging in power from 10 watts to 450 watts of extremely high efficiency panels, has helped it become one of India’s fastest-growing Indian manufacturers of solar panels.

20% of the residential rooftop market’s 100 Cr market share.                                        

No other solar panel company in India is now supplying a wider choice of solar goods than Loom Solar does for the Indian market. The 11th Annual 2019 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards in the United States of America have recognized Loom Solar® with distinguished gold and silver awards.

Advanced Solar

A twenty-year-old business offers the best solar panel in India with performance guarantees of 25 years. promoted by technocrats with years of business and technological expertise Strong R&D team strengthens Hyderabad’s advanced manufacturing plant. Originally incorporated in 1995 with just 5 people and a startup investment of 25 lakh. obtained the IEC 61215 Ed 2 certificate of quality from the European Solar Test Installation in Ispra, Italy; from TUV Intercert in Germany; from TUV SUD in Germany; and from BMQR. an established Star Export House with operations in 15 nations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Since five years, the company has grown 100%, earning national awards for distinction in performance, entrepreneurship, and exports.

Emmvee photovoltaic power

Emmvee solar water heating systems, which was founded in 1992, are now the biggest producer of solar-powered water heaters in India and maybe all of Asia. When distributing its products under the trade name “Solarizer,” it has the biggest market share. The business has received ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications.

With more than 25 years of experience, Emmvee Solar is one of the best solar panel in India. At Dabaspet in Karnataka, we have established a top-notch manufacturing facility for solar water heating systems. Over 25,000 square meters of production space is shared by these businesses. Our machines can create water tanks for home and commercial use with capacities ranging from 100 to 3,000 liters. For our premium line of water heating systems, we are one of the handful of solar panel manufacturers in India who have obtained the Solar Key Mark. We have sold more than 5,50,000 solar heating systems with a total installation area of 6,90,000 m2.

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Swelect energy systems                 

In Bangalore, HHV Solar Technologies (HST) has a 140 MW class 100,000 clean-room, dust-free PV module production facility operated by SWELECT. High Quality – High Efficiency Solar PV Modules with International Certifications and Compliance to BIS & IEC Standards make up the majority of HST’s product line. One of the best solar panel in India Companies, SWELECT Energy Systems Limited (formerly Numeric Power Systems Limited), has had a significant position in the international energy market for more than 35 years.

The technological competence of SWELECT, which is strongly supported by cutting-edge production facilities for Solar PV Modules, Solar PCUs, Servo Stabilizers, Structural and Electrical Balance of Systems (BOS), such as Module Mounting Structures (MMS), AJBs, etc., is the company’s main point of differentiation. Production Capacity (MW) 140

  • (MW) 150 Base Installation; 
  • 9000 Total Installation

The widely regarded global industry standard for categorizing solar photo voltaic module manufacturers, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), has designated SWELECT as a “Tier-1 Solar PV Module Manufacturer.” SWELECT’s solar PV modules, particularly the high efficiency PERC modules, have also been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). With a team of Power Electronics professionals and more than 35 years of field experience, SWELECT continues to be close to its clients and meets their demands through constant technical advancement, extensive knowledge, and a client-centered approach.

Renewsys Solar

One of the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in India is Renewsys Solar. It is a full-service supplier of solar modules as well as essential parts like encapsulants, solar PV cells, and black sheets. It has two manufacturing facilities in India and a supply chain that spans 40 nations. ReNew Power established an IIT center of excellence in 2016 to work with the organization on research and technological advancements.

ReNew increased its capacity by a third time in 2017 as JERA (a joint venture between Tokyo Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power) acquired stock. 2018 saw the acquisition of Ostro Energy by ReNew Power and the entry of Canadian pension fund CPPIB as an equity investor. In order to make investments in the field of renewable energy, the corporation also inked MoUs with the states of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.[19]

In 2019, ReNew Power became the first company in India to collaborate on a renewable energy project in Rajasthan with the Korean firm GSE&C. To pay off some existing debt, ReNew raised US$450 million through the sale of dollar bonds.ReNew Power declared in July 2020 that it would produce solar cells and modules in India with a 2 GW capacity. ReNew Power decided to provide Rs. 20 Crores for mitigation during the COVID-19 epidemic.


The top 10 Indian manufacturers of solar panels are working hard to develop new technologies, innovate, and adhere to international standards in order to introduce more efficient goods to the market that promise greater results. Up to 545Wp to 590Wp solar modules are produced by Indian solar panel manufacturers in India for rooftop, utility, and commercial uses. Solar panels in India manufacturers are currently concentrating on lowering their reliance on importing raw materials from China. The Indian government’s use of BCD will undoubtedly increase sales in the future. In order to compete and fulfill customer expectations, the majority of module makers in India are currently focusing on M-10 technology and upgrading themselves to G12.