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List of Top 10 Car Brands in India 2022

We secretly bring up our dream about cars. Though it is secret, sometimes, it is terrible. Many of us possess that dream. The economic environment sometimes becomes an obstacle before buying a dream home, and the only thing that comes to our mind is acquiring a good mileage car. The choice depends on the person who is buying. He may have the dream about buying a sports car that is very costly. Whoever you are, you need to check which brand suits your needs. If you are not so car-savvy, then the top car companies in India will give much knowledge about the industry. Stick to the article.  

It is always recommended to everyone that they should possess some knowledge about the material before buying anything. Otherwise, they may regret it in the end. Hence, being prudent before buying anything is a good characteristic for a qualified buyer. Like every entity has its pros and cons, the car has also the same. By reading this list of top car brands in India, you will be so informed that you can wisely decide which car to buy. If it’s your first buy, then you must acquire more knowledge about it. There are many top car brands in India but choosing the best one becomes difficult sometimes.

Today, there has been a craze for buying a car. As soon as we start to earn, we save all the money to own a house or car. That is one of our ultimate dreams. The pandemic has made every brand come up with different plans, and there is a great scope to avail your dream car at an affordable cost. Though the current situation is hostile, you have to think about buying next year. Until then, there might be a big announcement from every company. Some of the top car brands in India have lost their position because of a massive loss in the Covid-19. They are still getting prepared for the next move.

Top Car Brands in India

1.  Maruti Suzuki

Though the brand is relative to its peers, it has come a long way with achieving an excellent reputation since its inception in 1981. Whether it’s a kid or an older person, everybody heard this name and is very familiar with the brand Maruti Suzuki. Nowadays, amidst the increase in sports cars, this brand hasn’t lost its position in the market. Instead, the sale is increasing day by day. In our top car brands in India list, this is one of India’s leading brands right now.

Their attractive and budget-friendly models grab the attention of every segment of our society. Because of the low running cost, the brand has been a family-oriented entity in India. Though it’s a Japanese subsidiary company, we have taken the brand as homogenous. Their head office is situated in New Delhi. Their products include automobiles, commercial vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks, and automotive parts. With 15, 945 employees, they are making some incredible cars that can be a next-generation thing. Because of the pandemic, their market share dropped from 54.16% to 45.61%.  

Some of the best known cars from the brand are – Alto 800, Vitara Brezza, Wagon R, Baleno, Ertiga, Ciaz, S-Cross and Dzire. If you are on a shoestring budget, then this brand provides you a specific choice as per your needs.

2.  Hyundai

Though the brand comes from the South Korean country, the Indian family has embraced it like a native entity. This is why Hyundai is yet another top brand in India by providing superior cars over the years. Established in 1967 in Seoul, the brand entered the Indian market in 1996. And after coming here, it became hit with the production of Santro in 1998. They have a wide range of cars that satisfy every segment of society.

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Hyundai has some impressive models such as i20, Grand i10 Nios, Verna, Creta, Sedan, Alcazar, Nexo and so on. You can choose the best whatever your affordability says. The future is very bright with some of the spectacular cars in the history the brand will introduce. With over 1 lakh employees, they are delivering some equality service to its customers.

Their products include automobiles, luxury cars, commercial vehicles, and engines. As the company is dealing with customers worldwide, it has 5000 dealerships and showrooms in 193 countries. Another essential thing to note is that the brand operates the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility. Their market share is 16.14%. The R&D facility in Hyderabad is pouring excellence into the automobile industry.    

3.  Toyota

Toyota falls under the category of top car brands in India. Established in 1937, they have 364,000+ employees around the world. The brand was considered the 10th largest company by revenue as of 2019 data. Also, the brand was the first automobile manufacturer to produce 10 million vehicles per year. Their products include automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, engines, and robots.

Being the second-largest manufacturer in the world, they produce hybrid electric vehicles and have made their name the global leader. Some of the well-known cars from this brand are Fortuner, Corolla Altis, Yaris, Etios, Innova Crysta, Glanza, etc. Currently, their market share is 4.46%. Bangalore is proudly boasting its presence of excellent manufacturing facilities. Wion a wide range of vehicles, the brand can be a go-to choice for you.

4.  KIA

This is no 4 on our list of the top car brands in India. Let me tell you that the Hyundai Motor Company owns the brand. KIA holds a 33.88% stake in the brand. Though the company entered India in 2019, it was established in 1944. Their products include mainly automobiles and commercial vehicles. As of 2019, the number of employees working in the company is 52,488 all over the world.

The brand first made a huge impression after producing the Seltos. With 5.41% of the market share, the brand is growing rapidly. Now, it has been one of the top car brands in India, and the future is brighter also. Some of the well-known cars from this brand are Seltos, Sonet, and Carnival. In the future, this South Korean giant will have some of the brilliant cars on their list, such as Ceed, Xceed, Sorento, Rio, Stinger, etc.

With their cutting-edge technology and affordable budget, one can choose according to their choice. They are really a significant entity in the automobile industry. If you have any plan for buying any of its cars, it is recommended to check the budget and features. This is not recommended for this brand’s car only but every brand while you are buying because it depends on your needs.   

5.  Mahindra

Being an Indian brand, Mahindra has engraved its name in the premier position in the automobile market. When you think about the vehicles of this brand, the first thing that comes to mind is the tractors that are rugged, powerful, spacious, and durable. They, indeed, provide such vehicles to their customers. Founded in 1945, Mahindra has been considered one of the top car brands in India. Their head office is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  

Mahindra is considered the most prominent vehicle manufacturer by production in India and the largest tractor producer in the world. Their products range from automobiles, commercial vehicles, and Motorcycles. Their market share is 7.53%. Mahindra Group has many flagship companies. One of them is Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. Though we are very much familiar with the Scorpio, other vehicles are also comparatively attractive, such as XUV 500, XUV 300, Thar, Marazzo, Alturas G4, and so on.If you are in the market for superclone Replica Rolex , Super Clone Rolex is the place to go! The largest collection of fake Rolex watches online!

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With over 43,000 employees, the brand is constantly working to make profitable cars for everyone. The company was ranked 17th by Fortune India 500 list in 2018. The XUV 300 Electric, eKUV 100, TUC 300 Plus, and XUV 700 are all the exciting prospects we will witness.

6.  Tata Motors

This is rare that any has not heard the name of Tata. I think everybody is familiar with the name. As the company is spread across many businesses, it is undoubtedly the name that has to be heard. I am giving you a list of top car brands in India, and there won’t be Tata Motors; that’s impossible. The company is one of the parts of the Tata Group. It’s a multinational automobile company that deals with automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, automotive parts, Pickup trucks, and SUVs.

Established in 1945, the same year when Mahindra was born, Tata Motors has come a long way by making some fantastic, affordable cars for everyone, such as Tiago, Safari, Nexon, Harrier, Jaguar, Nano, and many more. Their manufacturing units and R&D centers are spread in South Africa, Argentina, Great Britain, Spain, as well as Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, and many more places.

With 78,906 employees, their market share is over 8% as of FY19. The Fortune Global 500 enlisted the company on the 265th position in the world’s biggest corporations list. It is interesting to know that the company makes military vehicles also. Because of their diverse portfolio ranging from trucks, buses, cars, sports utility vehicles, and defense vehicles, they are regarded as one of the top car brands in India.      

7.  Honda

Whether you need two-wheelers or four-wheelers, or any specific vehicles, Honda is always there for you. They are making various types of models. This is another top car brand in India. As I said, this is not only manufacturing cars but also various types of vehicles. Though the company was born in Japan in 1946, the name has been very much familiar with the Indian family. Whenever they think about their first car, Honda certainly is one of the first few names that come into mind.

Because of their wide range of cars, anyone can buy any car according to their choices. They are mainly known for selling durable and affordable cars. Their products include automobiles, commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, motorcycles, lawn and garden equipment, Scooters, robotics, the list goes on and on. They have over 2, 15, 000 employees as of 208 data. This is not only one of the top car brands in India but also one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The company was also considered the 8th largest automobile manufacturer in the world in 2015.

Surprisingly, Honda is the first company that exported its cars to the United States more than imports in 2013. Some of the well-known models are Accord, Amaze, Jazz, City, Brio, and the list goes on because they have hundreds of cars that were sold remarkably.     

8.  Mercedes

Though the name seems to be high-priced, there is a tremendous craze in the Indian residents to grab a Mercedes car. This is why I put this brand on this list of the top car brands in India. The name is a favorite word to many. If it comes to the luxury cars in India, the first few names come with Mercedes. Because of affordability, lusciousness, standard, and durability at the upper-budget level, Mercedes has been a choice of many. Founded in 1926 in Germany, they have already been a worldwide entity for a long time.

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They are not only popular in making luxury cars but also for producing commercial vehicles also. The brand was the largest seller by selling premium vehicles in the world based on 2018 data. As of 2020, the brand produced more than 2 million cars. We all have heard the name of Mercedes-Benz because the fruit of all cars came from that joint venture between Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. The list of vehicles is Mercedes-Benz A-class, B-class, C-class, GLC-class, Sprinter, Zetros, SLR Maclaren, and so on.

9.  Volkswagen

Whether you need comfort, style, a little touch of luxury, you should go for this car. Founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front under the Nazi Party, the carmaker is a part of the Volkswagen Group, the largest carmaker by worldwide sales as of 2016 and 17. This name also comes from Germany but has been a specific choice for many. Most of the cars bought by their most prominent market, China, like 40% of its sales and profits.

Some of the popular models from the group are Golf, Jetta, Passat, Atlas, Tiguan, and so on. And who can forget the Beetle, the iconic car from the group? This was the best-selling car for the entire 20th century. The conservative and simplistic design makes the car stand out among its peers.

10. Skoda

Last but not least, Skoda is our last addition to our list of top car brands in India. Being an ancient brand, Skoda has the potential to grow more in the future. Established in 1895 in the Czech Republic, they boast of their heritage and history. The company is now a part of Volkswagen Group. Their products include automobiles and electrical vehicles.  

As of 2018, their vehicles were sold in over 100 countries. With over 32,000 employees, they are creating such brilliant cars that are classy and unique in design. Some of the significant cars from the group are Skoda Felicia, Favorit, MB 1000, Octavia Super, Tudor Roadster, etc. If you think about buying this car, then check its prices and features.  


Now, you can make an informed decision when you are going to own one. When a buyer goes to buy a car, they are expected to choose the top ones. Now, there are many, and everybody is advertising their brand saying one of the top car brands in India. The most important thing before owning a car is finding out your needs and also the economic condition. India’s car manufacturing sector deals with middle-class families more than luxury car brands. But it is not granted. Luxury car brands have also seen massive growth over the years. It implies the growth of that sector also. The country’s car manufacturing sector is doing a great job by satisfying every sector of our society.

India was the 5th largest automobile industry in the world as of 2020. Most of the economic growth comes from this sector. Car sales had seen a massive hit in 2020 because of the pandemic. In 2021, there is slow growth. Buying a car can’t be subdued. People will still buy. When a new model launches in the market, people become so excited to grab one because of less knowledge about it, and they can’t go for owning. I hope this top car brands in India article helped you quench your quest about cars. In 5 years, the Indian automobile industry is going to see a considerable increase in its sales. I hope these top car brands in India will impress you soon.

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