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Top 10 Best Engineering Colleges in Karnataka 2023

Do you want to know what are the top engineering colleges in Karnataka are? You have come to the right place. We are going to discuss the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka. If you are from Telangana and looking for a great engineering college, then we have written another based on the top 10 engineering colleges in Telangana. Also, you may find our previous article related to the top colleges in our country. As engineering is a very fruitful and demanding career nowadays, a student should choose a good college that can make their future more prosperous. For a successful person, school and college contribute a huge portion. Because of such institutions, the characteristics, moralities are reflected in a student’s behavior. Choosing a better college is very difficult, but it will be very easy to find the best college for you instantly after reading this post.  

Though the searching can be time-consuming, it is ultimately fruitful when you get such an article. This is why we have created this article of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka, thinking about the reader’s difficulties so that everyone gets information easily without being frustrated. When Karnataka comes to our mind, a reflection of Bangalore consists of a cutting-edge techno-society and quality education that goes through our minds. Karnataka has an old history of culture, and it has a different identity from other states. For the quality issue, we have chosen the NIRF ranking system frame. They provide a list of the best colleges around the country every year. As the most respected institution, we can expect the colleges to be well-administered. Before starting our list, I want to include the most provocative concern for a student: placement.

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A college is taking so much fee. Naturally, a concern about placement comes into a parent’s mind. Today, most institutions offer spectacular job offers from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, and other renowned companies. Getting a job there is not easy, but a college can be a bug helping to give that opportunity by allowing for placements. These top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka also offer such placements, but the successful placement depends on your quality. So, what you need is quality education and knowledge about your subject. As you read on, this could be an interesting article. When it comes to top engineering colleges in Karnataka or anywhere, one should consider the fees, grades, etc. In addition to this, 4 years of deduction, steadfast determination, passion all add to complete a degree. So, let’s start our list of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka. 

Best Engineering Colleges in Karnataka

1. National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal

Formerly known as Karnataka Regional Engineering College, the National Institute of Technology is a public university situated in Mangalore. This is the 31st National Institute of Technology in India which was established in 1960. They have been recognized as an institute of national importance by the government. Comes as one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka, NIT is situated close to the Arabian Sea. State-of-the-art infrastructure, quality education, and other important facilities enrich the strength of this university. 

Some of the cultural festivals like music, painting, fashion, film festival, etc., give students enjoyment throughout the year. Because of the notable alumni, NIT has been preferred by many. Spread across 295 acres, this institute consists of 13 departments, 1 school, and 12 supporting centers. They have a strong collaboration with some companies like Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. Ltd, AMD India Pvt. Ltd, WABCO India Ltd, IBM India Pvt. Ltd, AB Volvo Group, ONGC, Dell, and many more prominent companies spread worldwide. Top recruiters are Amazon, Dell, Sachs, Qualcomm, Honeywell, Bajaj, etc.

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2. Manipal Institute of Technology

Formerly known as Manipal Engineering College, this was established in 1957 with the motto of Knowledge is Power. They have 17 academic departments, including undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees. It is interesting to know that the institute is one of the first self-financed colleges in India. Spread across 188 acres, MIT has been considered as one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka. Affiliated to Manipal Academy of Higher Education, the whole infrastructure includes 2 table tennis courts, 2 badminton courts, 1 gym, 2 basketball courts, a cricket field, a volleyball court, a swimming pool, football ground, hockey field makes the institute a highly sophisticated choice for any student. 

Enhancing research skills among students has been one of the main priorities of this university. Some of the cultural festivals make the university a definite choice for students. Some notable alumni are proud of this institute. Top recruiters are Oracle, Samsung R & D, TCS, Accenture, Deloitte, and many more. Over the years, Manipal has been a prominent and respected name in the education society. Courses offered by the institution are Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, MBA courses, etc. if you are looking for top engineering colleges in Karnataka, this will be one of the first preferences for any student.


3. Visvesvaraya Technological University

As the name sounds, it’s a university devoted to cutting-edge technology. This is a public state university established by the Government of Karnataka, and they have a huge capacity of more than 85000 approx students. Established in 1998, this is a very new university with AICTE, UGC, and CoA accreditation. Courses offered by the institute are Architecture, Automobile Engineering, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Textile Engineering, and many more demanding courses. Because of such prominent recruiters as IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, Bosch, this institute is regarded as one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka.  

Some of the cultural fests make the students’ life more interesting. The state has 24 autonomous engineering colleges affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. This makes the university a proud choice for any student. Whether you are looking for a college with an affordable fee, then this college could be a better choice. Located at the heart of Belagavi, the 115 acres area contains many sports grounds like a volleyball court, wrestling ring, basketball court, cricket field, football field, swimming, etc. The sports activities among students keep them alive throughout the years. This is a good college with a diverse range of subjects.


4. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Formerly known as the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, it’s a private engineering college with autonomous status. Established in 1962, the institute has proved its excellence with quality of education throughout the years. This college is affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University. Considered as one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka, the Ramaiah institute of Technology explores the beauty of cutting-edge technology and modern architecture. They offer a diverse range of courses such as Architecture, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mathematics, Management Studies, and many more. 

NBA and AICTE have recognized the institute. Some of the activities like StudSat, IEEE, Aavishkar, game, quiz, Algomach enrich the institute’s quality. They have a solid placement cell collaborating with IBM, Cognizant, Autodesk, Intel, JSW Energy, and many more prominent names in the working field. Whether becoming a successful person in the future is your ultimate dream, then Ramaiah Institute of Technology would be a better choice for those who are living in the state of Karnataka or want to live there. This is one of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore.

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5. International Institute of Information Technology

Another institute that comes in our list of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka is the Institute of Information Technology. Established in 1999, IIIT Bangalore has been one of the most preferred choices for students. Though they have a very small student intake of 772, there is no compromise with the quality of education. NAAC, UGC, and AICTE have recognized the institute. Though the institute is a private university, it is a not-for-profit initiative funded by the Government of India and the IT industry under a public-private partnership model. Throughout the years, IIIT Bangalore has proved its excellence, which is why they have taken place in our list of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka. 

They have a solid placement cell collaborating with Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, etc. With the new Innovation Center, students are encouraged to participate in the Accelerator program, which happens every year. It focuses on startups like Mobile Apps building, Bots creation, experimenting with AI, Augmented Reality, etc. Annual inter sports fests make some enjoyment in students’ lives. Suppose this sounds like one of the top engineering colleges in Karnataka and a better alternative to the colleges mentioned above. In that case, you can check their fees and admission process on their website, or you can go further to check the colleges below.


6. RV College of Engineering

We all want something better. When it fulfills your satisfaction, then that is the most celestial experience in our lives. If you are looking for the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka, then RV College of Engineering can be a superior choice for every student. It is a private technical co-ed college that has got autonomous status also. Established in 1963, they have proven their excellence in the field of education. The campus is spread across 56 acres. This institute has a very interesting name which is RVites. Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, the university has 11 departments spread all across the campus. 

Recognized by AICTE and NBA, RV College of Engineering has been a prominent name in the Indian education society. Courses offered by the university are Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Science Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, and a much more diverse range of majors. RV College of Engineering takes a permanent place in that list when it comes to top engineering colleges in Karnataka. Solid placement cell assures some lucrative jobs in the industry.


7. BMS College of Engineering

This is yet another old college that is still providing the utmost excellence in the education field. Comes as one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka, BMS College is a private engineering college. Recently, in 2008, they got autonomous status. There is no compromise with the education quality. In 1946, the university had only 3 undergraduate courses, such as Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical, they now have a diverse range of majors. Because it is counted as one of the top engineering colleges in Karnataka, the quality should be at its peak. NAAC and NBA have recognized them. The college is affiliated with the Visvesvaraya Technological University.    

Some of the notable alumni enrich the quality of the institute. Though it is a private engineering college, it is funded by the Government of Karnataka. Spread across 15 acres, the institute can intake 5975 students, whereas the total faculty members are 409. Top recruiters are Air Asia, ABB, Akzo Nobel, Adani Energy, Philips, PayTM, Qualcomm, Huawei, IBM, and many more prominent companies around the world. Whether engineering is your passion, then taking admission to BMS College of Engineering won’t make you regret it.

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8. Siddaganga Institute of Technology

Located in Tumakuru, Karnataka, this institute is run by the Sri Siddaganga Educational Society. They offer 13 undergraduate, 13 postgraduate, and 16 Ph.D. programs. Established in 1963, they have come a long way. Because of sports and games activities, students are encouraged throughout the year. They have a well-equipped gym, basketball court, volleyball court, cricket ground, race track, and indoor stadium. They have already got many recognitions like the accreditation from AICTE and NBA. 

With 5000 student intake capacity and 310 academic staff, the institute provides excellence in the education society. SIT has also got autonomous status. Because of some notable alumni, the institute has been a preferred choice for many students. They have a state-of-the-art infrastructure which includes a banking facility, library, gym, hall, cafeteria, hostels, etc. Top recruiters are JP Morgan Chase, Nokia, Taj Hotel, Tata Communication, Wipro, Bluestar, Bosch, Capgemini, Indiamart, Oracle, and many more prominent names.


9. PES University

Established in 1972, PES University has five main education areas: engineering, medicine, management, Law, and Life Sciences. Becoming a broad specialization, it claims to be one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka. PES currently manages 45 educational programs. The campus is spread across 25 acres. All of the courses have been conferred autonomous status, and they have already got UGC accreditation. The students who graduate from this university would be able to strengthen their footprints in the technologically evolving world. Because of the top-ranked administrators, the university has been a respected name in the education society. 

They offer undergraduate postgraduate and also doctoral programs. With a vast range of courses in every department, you will be able to find your suitable one. The university truly finds out the potential in every student that can make them spread their wings with real education. PES University is now one of the top universities around the world with its top-class education. Top recruiters are Accenture, Amazon, Microsoft, Mphasis, L&T, CISCO, Bosch, HCL, and many more. If you are looking for an alternative engineering college, you can compare it with this college.


10. New Horizon College of Engineering

Though the name comes last in the list of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka, it has created a remarkable track record since its inception in 2001. As the name suggests, you will surely be shocked by the surroundings. Within a few years, they have already got NAAC accreditation. This is a private engineering college with an autonomous status. Courses offered by the college are Automobile Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Information Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc. Also, they offer MBA programs. 

With over 5500 student intake capacity and 350 expert academic staff, NHCE can be a good choice for taking admission. The institute has got ‘Most Preferred Institute for Providing Global Exposure’ awards. Some notable alumni are working in industry-leading companies. Top recruiters are TCS, Amazon, HP, Infosys, Wipro, HSBC, and many more prominent industry leaders. To check the fees and admission, you can go to their website. This is regarded as one of the top engineering colleges in Karnataka.



So, that’s it. This was our list of the top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka. What’s a better state to study engineering than Karnataka? With rich culture, educated society, and excellent infrastructure, Karnataka possesses top engineering colleges also. With so many colleges in the state, it is hard to find the best or greatest. Out of 542 engineering colleges, 407 are private engineering colleges, and 135 are government-run colleges. Most of the engineering colleges are in Bangalore. Here comes our article. It gives you a list of the top engineering colleges in Karnataka. We hope you found a suitable college that can give you a boost to your fabulous career.

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