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List of Google offices in India

List of Google offices in India: Google, a leading global technology company, has recognized India’s potential as a center for innovation and digital transformation. To support this vision, Google has set up several offices across India strategically. These offices play a vital role in collaborating with local talent, driving technological advancements, and contributing to India’s digital growth. Let’s explore the different Google offices in India and understand their importance in shaping India’s digital revolution.

How many Google Offices are there in India?

With over 80% of internet searches in India being conducted through Google, the company is the preferred search engine among Indian internet users. India’s importance as a market for Google cannot be understated, and the company continues to invest in its presence and operations in the country.

Google currently maintains four offices across India, strategically located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad. These offices oversee various aspects of Google’s operations in India, including managing the Google Search Engine (, implementing marketing strategies, providing services, and introducing product upgrades.

The job opportunities available at Google India cover a wide range of roles, including software development, operations, product management, technical client-facing positions, sales and account management, product and customer support, sales operations, and business strategy. The company’s presence in India reflects the significant importance of the Indian market to Google.

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Google Office in Bangalore

Google has a large office in Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India.” This office, located in the prestigious RMZ Infinity – Tower E, is Google India’s headquarters. It is an innovation hub and houses various teams, such as engineering, research and development, sales, and marketing. With advanced facilities and an energetic work atmosphere, the Bangalore office plays a crucial role in shaping Google’s offerings for the Indian market.

Google Bangalore Office Address:

No. 3, RMZ Infinity – Tower E Old Madras Road 4th and 5th Floors Bangalore, 560 016, India

Phone: +91-80-67218000


Google Office in Hyderabad

Google has a significant office in Hyderabad, a prominent city in India’s tech landscape. The office is located in the bustling neighborhood of Kondapur Village and covers a wide area. It is a major center for research and development, focusing on advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. The office brings together talented engineers, data scientists, and researchers who collaborate to find innovative solutions to complex technological problems. Google’s presence in Hyderabad reflects its dedication to nurturing local talent and fostering partnerships with the vibrant tech community in the city.

Google Hyderabad Office Address:

Survey No. 13, DivyaSree Omega Kondapur Village Hyderabad, Telangana 500084 India

Phone: +91-40-6619-3000


Google Office in Gurgaon

The city of Gurgaon, located near the capital city of Delhi, is a thriving business and technology hub in northern India. In Gurgaon, a notable office plays a crucial role in the region’s digital landscape. This office is situated in a prestigious commercial complex and caters to various functions, including sales, marketing, and client engagement. It is a vital link between businesses in the area and their digital needs. The Gurgaon office actively supports the growth of the startup ecosystem in Delhi-NCR and contributes to the overall digital transformation of northern India.

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Google Gurgaon Office Address:

Sector 15, Part II Village Silokhera Gurgaon 122001 India

Phone: +91-12-44512900


Google Office in Mumbai

In Mumbai, the financial capital of India, Google has an important office in the Bandra Kurla Complex. This office is a regional hub for various activities, including business development, client servicing, and advertising operations. It plays a vital role in collaborating with advertisers, agencies, and partners to drive digital marketing initiatives and support India’s dynamic advertising industry. With its strategic location and emphasis on business partnerships, the Mumbai office reinforces Google’s presence in Western India and contributes to the growth of the digital advertising landscape.

Google Mumbai Office Address:

FIFC Building Level 7, Plot no C-54&55, G Block BKC Bandra East Mumbai, Maharashtra India-400098

Phone: +91-22-6611-7150


Google’s Global Headquarters

Google’s main office, the Googleplex, is in Mountain View, California. Spanning a vast area of 2 million square feet, it provides a range of amenities for its employees, including restaurants, fitness centers, and even a bowling alley. The Googleplex is known for its unique attractions, like a replica dinosaur skeleton and a giant Android statue. Located in the renowned Silicon Valley, Google’s headquarters reflects the company’s commitment to innovation.

Best Google Office in India

Hyderabad, renowned as a global technology talent hub, proudly hosts one of Google’s largest employee bases in India. Established in 2004, our Hyderabad office is a thriving hub where diverse teams, ranging from Engineering and Cloud to Trust & Safety and Google Ads, collaborate to make a significant impact. The Hyderabad office’s vibrant atmosphere offers an exciting environment to undertake meaningful and impactful work.

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Google’s strong presence in India, with its multiple offices, showcases the company’s dedication to tapping into the country’s vast potential for technological innovation. These offices not only create job opportunities for a diverse pool of talented professionals but also foster collaborations with local tech communities, contributing to India’s digital ecosystem. Together, they play a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape, supporting digital transformation initiatives, and driving technological innovation in the country.