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List of Top 10 YouTubers in India 2023

You will hear a buzz that if someone asks about your job and you say that you are a video creator, they will surely target you as a YouTuber. Our day-to-day entertainment, learning place has been this particular platform. There are many social media platforms where you upload videos, but YouTube has a different charm from others. Surrounding this platform, people are earning their bread. Not only that, this has given everyone a platform to become a celebrity. You love to watch your favourite celeb on their channels. I hope you will love the article because your favourite celebrity is here. So, today, we will share the top 10 YouTubers in India right now in 2023.

There are many top Indian YouTubers, but that would make the article topic diverted. We will stick to the top 10 YouTubers. YouTube has given birth to many celebs. Especially, India has seen massive growth in video makers. In every sphere, you will find your choice. Within just 15 years of existence, YouTube has become the most-watched video-sharing platform. Becoming the most easily accessible platform, it has been the apple of the eyes. Whether you are on a train, on the road, or at your home, it has never been difficult to feel boredom because of YouTube. You go there and find millions of content decorated just for you.

Now, there is a sensation of becoming YouTubers. Every student is now thinking about making a career in it. That’s another question if it would be the right decision or not, but the platform has proved YouTube has a different charm to everyone. It’s not that easy to become a top YouTuber in India. One needs to follow up on many things. It looks good to see everything from the top, but if you dig deep, you will find the hard work, frustration, insecurities, worries, and so on. These top Indian YouTubers acquire much of your personal space in your day-to-day lives. Be it entertainment, education, cooking, motivation, and we have been familiarized with their names. Let’s start with your favourite ones. As we all love more subscribers, the article is based on the number of followers.

Top 10 YouTubers in India

1.  CarryMinati

I hope we all have heard this name at least once in our lives. CarryMinati comes at first right now when it comes to entertainment, crossing the highest subscriber milestone within a year. If we look at the top Indian YouTubers, this name absorbs millions of hearts. Established in 2014, this channel won millions of hearts with pure entertainment.  

The channel uploads comedy videos that are favourites for all ages. Right now, occupying 30.6 million subscribers, the channel has more than 200 videos to date. There is another channel with a different name, CarryisLive, with more than 9 million subscribers that deals with gaming. Carry Minati videos get millions of viewers in every video. It will become more than 2 billion views if you calculate, whereas the latter channel has given him more than 1 billion views.  

Let’s see who is behind the channel. Many of us don’t his original name; we are just familiar with the channel name. The creator behind the channel is Ajey Nagar, a 21-year-old boy. Can you imagine his success? It’s really shocking when you hear this. He started his first YouTube channel at the age of 10. Since then, he has been releasing comedy, gaming, rapping videos.

Hailed from Faridabad, Delhi, Ajey Nagar was a dropped out student just because he pursued a YouTube career but later completed his schooling through long-distance learning. His brother, Yash Nagar, is a music producer with whom he collaborated in the Wily frenzy video.

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CarryMinati has been awarded many accolades. He was awarded as Time’s 10 Next Generation Leaders. He was selected as 30 under 30 Asia by Forbes in 2020. His featured movie, Mayday, was released in 2022.

In 2020, he made a controversial video named “YouTube Vs. Tiktok- The End,” which violated the terms and conditions of YouTube. The video got millions of views, but later it was taken down from his YouTube channel.    

2.  Bhuvan Bam

Among our top 10 YouTubers in India, Bhuvan Bam is another big name. He is counted as one of the top Indian Youtubers right now. I hope you have heard the name BB Ki Vines with 20.3 million subscribers. His original name is Bhuvaneshwar Bam. Hailed from Vadodara, Gujarat, he is a writer, musician, comedian, and songwriter, though he moved to Delhi later with his parents at a very early age.   

If it’s a comedy, this name creates a sensation in us. Every new video maker who just wants to create funny videos wants to be like him. He was the first name to create history, crossing 10 million subscribers. At the age of 27, it is an unbelievable achievement for any Indian Youtuber. Every character you see is played by him only by using the phone’s front camera.

Started uploading videos on Facebook first, he moved to YouTube. There is an exciting story about his YouTube career. He was inspired after gaining some recognition from his first video, where he became a news reporter asking insensitive questions to a woman regarding her son’s death due to the Kashmir floods.

Established his channel in 2015, his videos have got more than 3 billion views over a few years. His film was awarded the best short film in Filmfare Award in 2019. His new film, Dhindora, is on the way to release in 2021.

3.  Technical Guruji

Now, come to another sector. It’s the technology sector. The name first comes is Technical Guruji, where you get all the tech-related videos. Starting from the latest gadget reviews to educational videos, all are covered in this channel. With 21 million subscribers, he is regarded as one of the top Indian YouTubers in our top 10 YouTubers in India list. He has another channel titled Gaurav Chaudhary with 5 million subscribers, where he uploads daily vlogs about his day-to-day activities.

If you are a non-tech savvy person and want to gain some knowledge, then you should follow this channel. You will learn many things, and because of him, many young people have dreamt of starting their YouTube career. He is another most successful Indian Youtuber.

The brainchild behind the channel is Gaurav Chaudhary. Born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, he completed his graduation in microelectronics at BITS Pilani, Dubai campus. Working in a security system with Dubai police, he started his YouTube, and it hit. He is one of the top YouTubers in India right now. He has also been featured in Forbes India’s 30 under 30 lists.

4.  Sandeep Maheshwari

Who is not familiar with this name? His speech has shaken all the people who find motivation in their lives. Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the top Indian YouTubers who is feeding people to live life. We know him as a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur. You would be surprised to know that his growing story is really an inspiration to all.

Let’s get to know his back story. Born in 1980, he is also a college dropout. Whatever was possible to settle his life, he did but failed in everything. He was in his third year at Kirorimal College but decided to drop out. He was actually interested in witnessing life’s ups and downs. His motivational speech reflects his journey.

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He took a 2-week photography course and worked as a modeling photographer. He is the founder of ImagesBazar, which has 7000 clients across 45 countries around the world. With more than 20 million subscribers, he has created history with millions of views over a few years. Every auditorium stays filled with audiences just to hear his words. He is the only person who hasn’t monetized his channel yet, and also, he doesn’t allow advertisement on his website.

A bag full of awards is dedicated to his name. He was awarded the Young Creator British Council. He was selected as the Pioneer of Tomorrow by ET Now. There is another award, titled Creator entrepreneur of the year 2013 by entrepreneur India Summit.   

5.  Dr. Vivek Bindra

Trailing the story of Sandeep Maheshwari, we have another motivational speaker, Dr. Vivek Bindra. His words have the power to change your thoughts. Whether you find the top 10 YouTubers in India, you will find his name everywhere on the list because of his huge achievement. He is training future leaders in 25 countries.

Let’s start with his back story where he was searching for success. Born in 1978, he was a very meritorious student from an early age. He got his instincts at a very early age. He started his YouTube channel in 2013. Since then, there has been no stoppage. He is considered one of the best motivational speakers across the globe. With over 10 million subscribers, he has been tagged as one of the world’s greatest influencers.

Because of his words that touch the hearts of millions, he has been awarded many accolades such as Think Tank of Corporate Asia by World Leadership Federation, Dubai, Best CEO Coach in India by Speaking Tree, Best Corporate Trainer in India by Maruti Suzuki for two consecutive year and many more.

6.  Emiway Bantai

Now come to something different. This name is connected to many rappers of India, not only our country but the whole world also. So, that’s why Emiway Bantai is another well-known top 10 YouTubers in India. This name is also familiar in our society. His original name is Shahrukh Bilal Shaikh who was born in 1995 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Hailed from Mumbai, he is an independent rapper. You might have seen him in the Gully Boy movie as himself. He has been featured with many famous rap artists such as Raftaar and Divine.

We don’t find much about his early career, but he rose in prominence after 2013 when he received 400,000 viewers on his song “Glint Lock”. With over 15 million subscribers, he has gained more than 2 billion views. He is the only artist who has won the Best Hip-Hop Artist three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. In 2019, he got another award, Best Indian Act, at MTV Europe Music Awards.

7.  Nisha Madhulika

Everyone affectionately calls her Nisha aunty. Here is another success for all housewives across the globe. Who says a housewife is only restricted to her kitchen? She applied this concept and made her YouTube channel NishaMadhulikaone of the best cooking channels in India. She is the inspiration to many women. Whether you are feeling depressed or in grief, you need to check this channel out.

When she was empty in her home at the age of 52, she thought about creating her food vlog. When she was making videos, her husband was there to edit those videos in the initial days. She has created history with the tag of top YouTubers in India. She has now 5 employees to help her in the business.

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If you love cooking and want to cook something interesting, her channel is one of the best. Born in 1959 in Uttar Pradesh, she always had a love for cooking. With over 11 million subscribers, she also writes for Indian Express, Amar Ujala, Times of India, and Dainik Bhaskar. It is interesting to know that she wrote on her personal blog before starting her food Vlog. She was awarded as India’s top YouTube Superstars, and also she was featured in Vodafone’s Women of Pure Wonder in 2016.        

8.  Shruti Arjun Anand

With over 10 years on YouTube, she has been winning millions of hearts with the fashion-related channel. Her journey on YouTube started quite differently from the above. At a time when she was in the USA, she started uploading videos on her channel Shruti Arjun Anand. She was basically an engineer. Dazzling between her career, family, and YouTube, she ushered into the latter one. Her husband used to help in the initial days. Then, her niece and cousin also joined her, and the business grew rapidly.

Her channel was started as a hobby. She runs a business named Shruti Makeup & Beauty Private Limited with all her family people. With over 9 million subscribers, she uploads beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. In our top 10 YouTubers in India, she is another gem.   

9.  Pranjal Kamra

Coming to a different subject, this is all about education on finance. This sector is also increasing day by day, and YouTubers are coming with their educational content, but there is still not buzz about this sector. Where India is confused with their personal finance, this is why this channel comes. Financial literacy is a very significant subject for everyone. If we don’t know how to grow money rather than protect it, how would we survive against increasing inflation in the later years?  

Pranjal Kamra is a known name to many. He is another top Indian YouTuber with over 2.5 million subscribers. If you want to learn about the stock market, investments, and personal finance, then you should follow this channel. Regardless of your love of finance or not, I think all should have some knowledge about personal finance for the country’s growth purpose.

10. Tanmay Bhat

He has been very popular with his channel, AIB. The channel was initially started with two people. One is Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba. The channel is famous for stand-up comedy shows. Born in 1987 in Mumbai, he started his comic talent in 2009. But before that, he was working as a scriptwriter. He has a personal YouTube channel named Tanmay Bhat, whose subscribers are more than 3 million. He has been featured in Forbes, becoming the youngest millionaire.


I hope these top 10 YouTubers in India will quench your quest. If we find top YouTubers in India, we will find thousands, but audiences’ love always goes to the more spectacular content. When I was researching, I was baffled with the list but managed to stick to the subscriber-based top Indian YouTubers. Because of the pandemic, the number of viewers has tremendously increased. The only place where you can learn something, entertain yourselves and even pass your free time.  

Because of their attention-grabbing content, people have become more addicted to YouTube. There was a time when the only activity of passing time was to play cards, games, etc., but now you don’t need anyone, you just need internet. Your lonely time will be spending in a more entertained way. There is no age difference in watching videos on YouTube. Everyone, be it an 8-year-old kid or 80-year-old person, is addicted to this platform. So, stick to the platform and let your favourite celeb entertain you more.

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