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List of Top 10 Watch Brands in India 2023

We all know that time is an integral part of our lives. Wherever we stay, we do have to check time frequently. Everything is dependent on time. Without checking the time, it seems like we are living in the Paleolithic era. After the scientist created time, it was the time for the whole world to think about watching. That’s how the business grew. Some failed, and others rose. Today, people have their favorite watch brands. India’s top 10 watch brands are molding themselves with time and coming up with some brilliant watches.  

Watches not only show time, but it adds the elegant to our style. Many stylish watches are just fantastic that can take away your attention and compel you to buy one. Whether you like a watch or not, the new models make you greedy to buy one. From casual dressing to a formal convention, a watch makes your day more beautiful by adding some elegant look overall. There have been many watch brands, but we will stick to the top 10 watch brands in India.  

I hope you will also be familiar with one of the top watch brands in India. Like a poem or any piece of literature becomes better by adornment, you could also look better by wearing a watch. Whether you have a plan to buy a new one soon or not, you should be informed about what’s going on in the market so that you can buy the best one from these top 10 watch brands in India. India is proud of its business sectors. Where every sector is rising, the watch sector is not stopped anywhere. Instead, the industry is coming up with some next-generation material.

Different have different prices for different choices. It depends on your taste which to use. Let’s start with our list of the top 10 watch brands in India.

Best Watch Brands in India

1.  Titan

In our list of top 10 watch brands in India, Titan is the name that comes first. This brand is a choice of millions. Because of its unique watches, the brand is still prevailing over other brands. This is one of the leading brands in India. Commenced its operation in 1984, they make watches for women, men, and kids. Being a part of the Tata Group, Titan has been a credible brand over the year. Titan started a joint venture with Tata Group and Tami Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Today, this premiere brand boasts of its achievement.

Being one of the top watch brands in India, they make a wide range of watches such as Analogue, Digital, Analogue-Digital, and Chronograph. The colors, materials all are unique. Many celebrities have been the face of this brand. Their affordable watches for everyone make them a more attractive choice for the residents. One of the most popular watches from this brand is the Neo Analogue Silver Dial timepiece.  

If you want to gift a watch or buy one for yourself, Titan is one of the best choices for you. To get a classy look, you can go for this brand. The price starts from Rs 1000.  

2.  Citizen

Started its journey in 1918, Citizen is popularly known for making calculators, but they make some fantastic watches also. They are a Japanese brand but one of the top 10 watch brands in India right now. Their innovation and uniqueness make them different from other brands. One of the popular watches from this brand is the solar-powered wristwatch. They also make Chronographs, analog timepieces, and digital watches.

As the company is unique in making different kinds of watches, they are fashionable and follow trends as well. With a wide range of designs, people get attracted by its products. They not only produce watches but electronic equipment, industrial machinery, and jewelry as well. Being an old brand, they have gained much reputation and credibility from their users. Because of the various range of prices, it is possible for anyone to grab one. The price starts from Rs 2,000.

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3.  Timex

Another timeless green in our list of top 10 watch brands in India is the Timex. The brand commenced its journey in 1854. Being a very old brand, they are still prevailing by making some drool-worthy and unique watches. Whether you are conventional or trendy, you get everything from this brand. They have gained a reputation by making some efficient and durable watches. Though they are based in America, they manufacture some inexpensive and luxury watches. Inspired by German and Italian designs, the brand makes some aesthetically appealing timepieces that are woo-worthy.

The watches are not only made for men that prefer the modern and old style, but women, girls, and also kids. This is why they are considered one of the top watch brands in India. If you are a fitness freak or fashion lover, the brand offers the best collection of watches within budget. Designed for all ages, the watches are made from leather that gives you long-lasting satisfaction. The price starts from Rs 1000. If you are finding timeless classics, Timex can be an excellent choice for you.Article Sponsored Find something for everyone in our collection of colourful, bright and stylish socks. Buy individually or in bundles to add color to your sock drawer!

4.   Fastrack

Who hasn’t been familiar with the name? The people who are fashion freaks and love branded watches know Fastrack very well. Its product ranges in various categories. There is a special love for this brand. Specially designed for the new generation, they have gained much reputation within a few years. Established in 1998 as a part of Titan Group, the brand went independent in 2005 by making watches for the urban and growing fashion industry.

Many of us might have a wrong concept that the brand is not an Indian brand, but it is a pure Indian brand. They first opened their store in 2009. They produce not only watches but also fashion accessories, sunglasses, bags, belts, perfumes, and wallets. If you want some casual watches that can be comfortable and stylish as well, go for Fastrack. There is no need to worry about the prices. It starts from Rs 750. So, you can get some affordable watches that won’t make you regret ever. This is why the brand is considered one of the top watch brands in India.     

5.  Casio

The people who use calculators frequently are very much aware of this brand. Today, Casio has enlisted its name on the list of top 10 watch brands in India. This is also a Japanese company that started its journey in 1946. This is one of the first brands that created electric compact calculators. Their business deals with electronics products such as calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, analog, and digital watches. Some of the remarkable watches are Edifice and G-Shock. Both are best-selling watches in India.      

Whether you are a sportsperson or looking for something stylish, then G-Shock or Edifice can be your ultimate choice. The water-resistant and solar-powered features make them most interesting as well as attractive. It is interesting to know that this brand first introduced a solar-powered GPS watch. You can connect your watch to any smartphone. Being one of the top watch brands in India, their products can be considered a timeless classic with innovative technologies and affordability. The price starts from Rs 700. Because of its affordability, the brand has gained millions of users over the years.  

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6.  Rolex

This is a fantastic, luxurious brand that comes with heritage and long years of experience in the watch industry. Founded in 1905 in London, they are now based in Switzerland. We are talking about watch brands, and Rolex won’t come, that’s not possible. In 2018, Forbes tagged the brand as the 71st most valuable brand. This was also one of the top 10 most expensive watches that sold on auction as of 2019. If you prefer luxury, Rolex is your ultimate choice. There is no brand that comes so expensive.

This is why Rolex is another top brand in our list of top 10 watch brands in India. The brand holds the most certified chronometer movements in the wristwatch category. If you have ever seen Paul Newman wearing, there is no need to be shocked. He was obsessed with the watch that is still the 2nd most expensive watch in the world. Many celebrities and businesses have used this watch. Ranges from vintage to modern designs, Rolex can be a worthwhile buying. The most popular watch from this brand is the Roles Zoom 2101 Stainless Steel Men’s Analogue Chronograph. This diamond-studded watch is made for the topmost elite people in society. The price starts from Rs 14,000.

7.  Guess

This is a combination of unique design, exquisite style, and elegance. The craftsmanship of this watch is brilliant. It’s an American brand that commenced its business in 1981. They are mainly well-known for making clothes, but some of the other businesses are watches, jewelry, bags, and shoes. Within a few years, Guess has been one of the top watch brands in India. Most stylish watches for teenagers mainly attract all of us. Because of making the most stylish brand in the world, they have been another preferred choice for many people.

Best suited for luxury brand lovers, watches from Guess will definitely make you fall in love. The best-selling watch from this brand is the Analogue Blue Dial Women’s Watch. To increase the elegant look in you, a collection of Guess watches can be a great choice. Spreading across all over the world, the brand has a wide range of collections for men, women, and kids also. If you want to gift a watch to a very valuable person in your life, Guess can be a good choice. The price starts from Rs 4,500.

8.  Fossil

Fossil is regarded as one of the top 10 watch brands in India. It represents a charming look on your hand. They have the most unique designs, styles, and features. The golden metal on your wrist adds an elegant touch. Fossil smartwatches track your mobile’s everyday events. The best-selling watch from this brand is the Fossil Q Gen 4 Hr Digital Silver Dial Men’s watch. With multiple functions in your watch, it comes a bit much expensive. Whether your choice is a bit classic, then you should check this brand once. Their colorful watches with unique designs will surely blow your mind.    

Being one of the top watch brands in India, their businesses are scattered into other sectors such as bags, jewelry, belt, and watches. Commenced its Journey in 1984, the brand is a part of Fossil Group that makes licensed accessories for BMW, Puma, Michael Kors, DKNY, Tory Burch, etc. They are popularly known for making leather band watches. Based in the United States, you can get a variety of watches at a bit high price. Designed for women and men, Fossil has proved itself as a timeless classic. The price starts from Rs 4700.    

9.  Tag Heuer

Manufactured by the Swiss luxury watchmaker, Tag Heuer deals with fashion accessories such as eyewear, watches, etc. They make smartphones also. But they are mainly famous for making wristwatches. Founded in 1860, the brand has spread its business worldwide. Over time, the brand has evolved in a new way. That’s why they are still in the game. Not only that, they are considered one of the top 10 watch brands in India as well as the world. Because of the lusciousness, the brand offers with its watches, and they have an apple of the eyes for many. Being a very old and trustworthy brand, Tag Heuer has kept a credible position in the industry.

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We have been aware of the endorsement by Shahrukh Khan, but many celebrities have endorsed its products like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, and many more. The brand has a dynamic range of classy watches. The best-selling watch from this brand is Aquaracer Automatic Blue Dial Calibre 5, though Tag Heuer connected Modular 45 has broken all the records. Made by an Intel processor, it runs on Android 2.0 OS. Be it a gift or personal acquiring, Tag Heuer scatters everywhere. Ideally suited for elite personalities, the price starts from Rs 72,817.          

10.  Daniel Klein

Here, in our list of top 10 watch brands in India, we have got another well-known name. This is not just a name but feelings for many. Considered one of the top watch brands in India, Daniel Klein is an embodiment of a classic look. Comes at an affordable price, the watches from this brand can be suitable for everyone. If you are obsessed with the traditional look, then you should go for it. This is a global brand that started its journey in 1970 but launched its watch in 1973. They are operating their business in over 50 countries.

They offer a wide range of affordable watches. You don’t need to look for the best because every watch looks the best. You will definitely be surprised by the collection where they keep everything available for women, men, and kids as well. To glam up your style, you can pick out bold and colorful watches. Also, their trending watches are another greedy entity. If you are a conservative person and want to look stylish in your sphere, Daniel Klein is the best choice. Because of the affordable price, you may choose 2-3 watches as well. The most significant watches from this brand are Analogue Grey Dial Men’s Watch and Analogue Gold Dial Women’s Watch. The price starts from Rs 1,400.


Some fashionable watches are just made for you. Whether you need a trending watch or the conventional ones, you get anything on your budget. I hope this list of top 10 watch brands in India helped you to gain knowledge about the current market. And it is always good to be informed before buying anything. Today’s top watch brands in India are constantly coping up with the new trend and coming up with some spectacular material that definitely compels you to grab one. Comment which one are you using?

Every brand has its unique feature. Not all brands are made for everyone, but they have different identities. This is why some brands are making more profit and living with generation. Everyone wears the watches that we have discussed here. The choice might be different on a gender basis. Every brand has a different segment for women and men. So, what is your favorite brand among these top 10 watch brands in India? Do you use any of these brands mentioned above one? As there are many brands, it is possible to choose a different one. Every brand is tagging itself as the top watch brand in India. It is easier to get lost in the ocean. I hope this article will be beneficial to get along with the top watch brands in India.

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