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Top 8 Best DTH Service Providers in India

The direct to home or DTH services are provided by many brands in India. So, you see, many DTH service providers started to evolve with the trend. Whether you are happy with your DTH connection or not, you have to see changes in visual communication. With the increasing demand for the internet, smart TVs are also being introduced. However, that’s far-sighted. But right now, if you are looking for the best DTH service in India, then this article is just made for you. 

DTH service is the essential service that pushes your viewing experience to a level better. With thousands of TV channels and also services on request, you are far away from hassles. There is no issue with monthly paying. All you can do is to use your mobile phone. You don’t need to call on your cable service provider if there is any problem happened. All you need is an antenna and a set-top-box. Since the introduction of DTH services, there has been a great demand for them. Because of the facilities DTH services provide, viewers are heading towards the best DTH provider in India. So, in this article, you will get a list of the best DTH services in India.

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Among those names, you may find the best DTH connection that goes a long way with you. Before going deeper into the article, let me give you an overview of what DTH is. It’s nothing but a service that receives TV connection through satellite means. India has proved to be one of the largest DTH industries worldwide with a huge viewers base. As there are so many choices, it becomes difficult to choose the best one. This is why this article has been made. We have heard about the name of Dish TV, Tata Sky, Videocon D2H, Airtel Digital TV, and many more. So, what to choose among such top names. The solution is on our list of the best DTH service in India

Best DTH in India

1. Dish TV

Dish TV has been the most preferred choice for every household. It seems there is only one service provider. Talking about the best DTH provider in India, Dish TV holds a huge portion of households. Being a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment, Dish TV is the first DTH service provider in India. So, even if you are looking for the best Dish TV in India, this is what you need to know. When cable services dominated the market, it was time for Zee group to start the DTH service in India. It started slow but now has become one of the best DTH providers in India.  

At a time, cable service was a hassle to many households. So, the company started to penetrate that market. Now, it holds a huge percentage in Indian households. Initially, they struggled to get subscribers, but it increased gradually. More channels were provided to the viewers. You can use many kits and combos to get the best viewing experience. With new features like parent lock, it offers to protect your children from offensive content. Today, the company has acquired so many subscribers that it has become one of the preferred choices for 17.7 million subscribers. 

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Currently, Dish TV has 300 channels that provide an awesome experience to its subscribers. To know more about the company, you can connect them to 1800-270-0300. Plans start from Rs 218/month, depending on your preferred channels. You can also visit their website.  

2. Tata Sky

If you are looking for the best DTH connection in India, then Tata Sky is another that comes to the list of the best DTH service in India. With numerous businesses, Tata has also a mark on the business of satellite broadband. Within a few years, the brand has become a top player in the industry. If there is any strong competitor to Dish TV, you find Tata Sky on the top. With its very affordable budget, this is a preferred destination for millions of TV audiences. This service also provides a wide range of collections to its viewers. They have more than 600 channels which similarly enjoying like Dish TV. 

It is interesting t know that company is the first company which provides video-on-demand services. They also sell 4k set-top boxes to their customers. 99 HD channels are another attractive feature in Tata Sky DTH service. This is just because of smart campaigning, and Tata Sky holds the position of one of the best DTH providers in India. A new initiative from the company is the referral program which makes you more interesting in the connection. Amidst the domineering situation of Dish TV, Tata Sky has gained a huge position in Indian households. 

If you are thinking about availing of the connection, you can call on 1860-120-6633 to get more information or check their website. Their plans start from Rs 40/month and depend on your choices of channels. 

3. Videocon D2H

No. 3 on our list of the best DTH service in India is Videocon D2H, a very familiar name in our Indian Households. This is another best DTH connection whose brand ambassador is Abhishek Bacchan. It started its journey in 2009. Because of affordable prices, more channels, and facilities, it became a respectable leading entity in the DTH industry. Though the company is the affiliate of D2H, which happened in 2016, it has its own distinctions. D2H has a 19% share of all DTH subscribers in India. 

Because of 650 channels all over India, the company boasts of its achievement. The customers can use a massive number of SD or HD channels in their affordable budget. Also, the company offers a variety of kids’ channels, 4 grades of set-top boxes, discounts on long-term subscriptions, etc. Because of its state-of-the-art features, it acquires a huge number of subscribers. The customers will get a scope of customizing channels. It is mainly known for its quality sound and varied offers.

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If you are thinking about doing more research on this company, you can call on 91156 91156. Or, simultaneously, you can check the website also. 

They have a wide range of subscription prices. You can expect a monthly price of Rs 399 only, though it depends on your choice of channels.   

4. Airtel Digital TV

Recently, they have been very popular with their new marketing strategies and plans. Considered one of India’s best DTH services, Airtel Digital TV subscribers are constantly increasing day by day. Starting as a cellular service provider, Airtel started its DTH service in 2008. Today, they have acquired a prominent position in the country. With a high range of quality viewing experiences, it offers new features and other facilities. 

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Starting from scratch, they have now more than 10 million subscribers. They also provide storage services with more than 500 channels. Besides this, they offer unlimited recording facilities to their customers. The multiple connections allow the entire building or housing complex to subscribe with a great discount. They have also launched Android-TV set-top box at an affordable price. 

To know more about the offer, you can call on 1800-103-6065 or visit their website. Their plans start from Rs 290/month. With their affordable price, you can customize channels as per your taste. 

5. Jio DTH

With the increasing demand for Jio in many fields, the company has started its DTH venture. They are also planning for Jio fiber broadband for DTH services. Becoming one of the best DTH services in India, Jio has acquired millions of subscribers within just a few just years. So if you are looking for the best DTH in India, Jio can be a good choice. They are planning to enter the village area to get the most number of subscribers with the introduction of Jio fiber. 

We have already heard about Jio DTH Welcome offers in the major cities. Because of Jio’s master plans, the other companies are planning to protect their business. With the cheapest cost offering, Jio DTH provides the best DTH service in India. The company spreads across Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and many more major cities. Jio DTH comes in various plans such as Basic Home Pack, Silver Plan, Gold Pack, Platinum Pack, and My Plan. So, you have a lot of facilities to customize your preferred channels.

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To know more about the offers, you can call on 1860-893-3333, or you can directly visit their website also. Their plans start from Rs 180/month, with a variety of customized choices available. 

6. Sun Direct

Though this is more regional than national, Sun Direct has proved its worth by providing some awesome services. This is why it comes under the best DTH service in India. They started their journey in 2007 and have come a long way by acquiring millions of subscribers. To their millions of subscribers, it offers high-definition channels and a quality viewing experience. The prominent Sun Network operates the DTH connection. They became famous by providing free set-top boxes and a low monthly subscription plan. 

By offering the best DTH connection, Sun Direct has acquired over 6 million subscribers. This is a Chennai-based DTH service provider targeting mostly southern India. Though they provide mainstream English and Hindi channels, the main focus is on South Indian language channels. Moreover, its monthly plans are very affordable for any viewer thinking about watching, especially South Indian movies. 

To know more about their product, you can call on 1800-123-7575 or check their website. Their monthly plans start from Rs 194/month. So whether you are thinking about watching blazing action-packed South Indian movies, Sun Direct is the best option.   

7. DD Direct Plus

The very best old DTH connection in India is DD Direct Plus which was et up in 2004. The oldest TV broadcaster, Doordarshan, is behind the operation of one of the best DTH services in India. Since its inception, the service provider has acquired more than 30 million subscribers. One of the best interesting characteristics of the service is their free option availability. So although the channels are limited, you can get a good service from the company. 

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The service offers channels in the category of sports, serials, movies, etc. With that said, you will enjoy the famous music channels such as Zing, B4U videos, BU Music, 9XM, etc. If you are accustomed to classic music, Indian culture, and art, then you will get to enjoy a different experience. 

To know more about their product, you can call on 1800-110-510, or you can visit their website also. As this is a free option, you don’t need to worry about any monthly plans, but the channels will be limited.      

8. Zing Digital

If we talk about the best DTH in India, Zing Digital is another one. It was launched in 2015 as a Dish TV subsidiary. Though it operates in very few states such as West Bengal, Odisha, and Kerala, Zing Digital has become a familiar name with millions of subscribers. Just because Dish TV faced tough competition from Tata Sky and other DTH service providers, they launched their nominal service provider.  

At its cheapest cost service, Zing Digital has become a familiar name in Indian households. They also provide the best quality viewing experience with awesome sound. Moreover, it’s a regional service provider in a brand new way. With customized regional channels, you get the best viewing experience at your home.

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To know more about their service, you can call on 1860-120-5757, or you can visit their website also. Their plans start from Rs 99/month. If you are thinking about taking a new connection, you can contact them through any above means.


With the advent of TV, a cable service provider became one of the essential suppliers of connection, otherwise, it would be difficult to watch TV. But, as we’re confronting changes in many spheres of our lives, cable service became old, and new services started to come. Instead of cable service, many of us have heard or are using a new service, named DTH, which is direct-to-Home in full form. 

As TV is an integral part of the households, it becomes necessary to choose the best DTH connection otherwise, you may have to face some hassles while watching. So, whether you are thinking about a new connection or taking down some information about the company you are already involved in, this article will help you in every way. The world is constantly changing, and in this constantly changing world, we see many changes in our regular chores.

Now, what’s more, interesting is the introduction of the new rules by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). This introduced the freedom of watching experience. You can choose any one service from 3, which includes FTA (Free-to-Air), DRP (Distributor Retail Price), A la Carte (you can choose any channel as per your choice and pay on those). This is obviously a great initiative by the government. I hope this list of the best DTH service in India helped you a lot. It will be easier to choose what’s best for you as per the price and connection facility.

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