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Top 10 Major Current Social Issues in India

No country is exempted from social issues. Social issues in India are very famous around the world. This is why it is seen many times by the people protesting against many such issues. India has the biggest democracy and is also the third-largest economy. But the country is not free from everyday issues, which become an obstacle against the country’s growth. We all have to take into consideration these political, social, and also economic issues. These current issues in India can be the most dangerous depressive situation. Though more awareness is being spread across the country, it hasn’t taken its peak yet. Many activists are coming out, and many organizations are mushrooming. India still needs several changes, and here we will discuss only the top 10 major current social issues in India. To achieve social or economic justice, we need to properly address those issues be it governmental or any other organization. Stick to the article so that you get accustomed to our social problems. 

These major problems in India will help many government exam aspirants to be aware so that they can be prepared to deal with them on their exam papers. India has evolved through the ages. As any country has its socio-cultural issues, India is not free from them. But addressing those issues properly could boost up the county’s modernization rapidly. As a country experiences social issues in its urban sector, the rural sector is not free from it at all. If we take into consideration the individual issues, then it stays only in a particular group, the social issues come as a whole faced by the society. It results in unfavourable circumstances that stop the country’s growth. The country has undergone many changes over a few decades. Many of the issues are closely being monitored. Because of the rapid rise of activism in India, it is clearly seen that someone is there to raise the issue. Though we have been independent, we are still not free from social issues.

This article is about the current issues in India, which will unfold the causes and give you an overview to think about how to deal with such issues. Some of the significant things we deal with regularly are education, poverty, women’s safety (which has been vehemently increased recently), corruption, sanitation, pollution, etc. And there are more that will be discussed later in this article. See, these issues are not particularly based on any individual, and it is a collective issue that can only be resolved by the people and government of the country. With a proper attitude and plan, we can root out all the issues that can boost up the growth of the country. Let’s check our top 10 major current social issues in India

Top 10 Major Social Issues in India

1. Education System

One of the most important major problems in India is our education system. We are already facing its effects in our society. The less educated society, the less standard our thoughts are. Our education system has already been criticized many times. The root cause of any social issue might be resolved by proper education. India, where most of the children are still working as child labour, can’t come top of the world without education. The lack of this produces criminals, a dark future, and also suicide even. 

Our education system has an issue because we are more prone to theoretical education rather than practical. Instead of improving our skills, we focus on how to live materialistically happily. We still possess the same education system that doesn’t produce more leaders rather than servants. Though the percentage of literacy is increasing, there is still an underprivileged area where proper education is not available. As of the 2011 Consensus, there was 74% of literacy in the country. 

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If our education system improves, our social issues will be resolved at a rapid pace. There is a great scope in India as a developed country, but it will be difficult to address those issues and root them out if we don’t use our education as a weapon. Because of our education system, the below social issues in India beget. Let’s see other current issues in India.  

2. Women Safety

This issue has been a great concern for just over a few years. The increasing concern over women’s safety has shaken every part of the country, even the other parts of the world have been aware of this issue. If you ask a person from a foreign country to point out the top 10 major current social issues in India, I hope this will be on the top. According to statistics, there were more than 3 lakh crimes against women in 2013. Where women and men should enjoy equal opportunities, India is a country it doesn’t follow to date. 

Along with the discrimination, the violence against women has also been tripled or 4 times in India. Some of the issues related to women’s safety are rape, violence, and assault, portraying modern India. If it is rooted out, the country’s global identity would be at stake. Every state possesses despicable crimes against women, be it an educated state or illiterate. To root these issues, many startups have already taken initiatives.

A woman can use an app through which she will be provided with a safety guide about the place. It will also alert them to take necessary precautions. But most importantly, to be educated. It is expected as the country grows more, the safety of women will be rooted out. This issue is a mandatory cause of our defame in front of the globe.      

3. Poverty

Though India is a developed country, it is still known as a developing country. The country’s poverty is well known to other foreign countries. After the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the development of Japan could be a matter of jealousy. But the development of India is still under work-in-progress. Among the top 10 major current social issues in India, Poverty is considered as significant as the other two above points. Poverty means the lack of food, shelter, and clothes as well as emotional and cultural lacks. 

Because of the overpopulation of the country, we are delving into more poverty. There are many reasons which could be simultaneously responsible. One of the reasons is the rising unemployment status, and another reason is the reading price of everything. Where the tier-I and tier-II are at least in good condition, check out the rural areas. It would still give you the country’s intrinsic poverty. 

 States like Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand have the most poverty. To deal with it, the government has to provide equal educational facilities, health facilities, and resources that could help the people to upgrade. The lack of these facilities could delve the country into more poverty. Many initiatives have been taken against this issue, but it’s time for implementation. Let’s see if this major problem in India could be rooted out in the future. 

4. Pollution

Over just a few years, India’s pollution has been world-famous, and now, it is considered one of the top 10 major current social issues in India. Not just the air, rivers are also aggressively polluted by industrial use of chemicals, our usage of plastic, and excessive disposal of waste. Pollution has the capacity to destroy the whole ecosystem. Ganga and Yamuna are the two main polluted rivers in India, and the same applies to the other rivers also. 

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We should also ban plastic everywhere. There is a huge shoutout for climate change. We hope we will see a new world soon. Our country is also working hard to eradicate this issue. We have seen many initiatives by the government such as Swachh Bharat Mission, Jal Jeevan Mission, etc. There should be the usage of electric vehicles more so that air pollution is under control. Many initiatives from the companies are taking place this year. 

So, the resolution should be to use natural resources more in the upcoming days. We had already seen the result when the whole country was under lockdown, and the pollution was reduced so aggressively. As soon as this resolution is completed, the time is not far when we will see a new blue sky with crystal clear water.  

5. Corruption

Either under the table or over it, this notorious problem is the germ in Indian society. If the system has flaws, then it would not be easy to compete at a world-class level. We see the public or private companies are grabbed with bribery, corruption. It creates disease in society and halts the improvement of the country. This major problem in India begets other issues in the country. Just because the weight is heavier to a particular society, there is no equality in the society, and it creates discrimination. 

We are often concerned, but somehow, the operation against corruption doesn’t root out. This has been a widely spread disease in the country. As soon as we handle it quickly and wisely, we will see a different environment everywhere in the country. Governments are taking action against it, and the problem lies in the mind of the people who are actually doing it. 

Coming as one of the top 10 major current social issues in India, corruption can only be rooted out if we are serious about it. The ordinary people should come forward to root out this issue, and otherwise, it would be difficult for any government. Also, the government must come ahead to deal with such issues.    

6. Healthcare System

As the third-largest economy, India cannot provide proper healthcare facilities. We were confronted during the pandemic. The country has several medical institutes, hospitals, nursing homes, but we lack the infrastructure. If the system doesn’t work properly, it is difficult for the doctors and nurses to work together at a rhythm. So, this is another major problem in India that should be rooted out as fast as possible. 

Healthcare has been a neglected area for a few years. The pandemic changed everything. We have seen much progress in the system, though there is more work to do. Most of the concern should be given to the rural areas where the healthcare system is more deprecating. Because of lack of resources, the rural side causes most of the problems in India. According to statistics, almost half of the villagers don’t have proper healthcare facilities. 

There is still discrimination between govt. Hospitals and private hospitals. We are still behind in acquiring cutting-edge technology or infrastructure. Lack of nutrition causes the disease to most of the basis in villages. To root out this issue, the government needs to focus on it more and take action against it. 

7. Overpopulation

Population, main overpopulation, has been an obstacle against the country’s growth. With more than 1.3 billion people, India comes second after China. Such an issue hinders the economic development of a country. As the population grows rapidly, the place for shelter, jobs, and resources also gets affected by it.  

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Comes as one of the major problems in India, overpopulation is caused by two main reasons. One, we can certainly state is the lack of knowledge of family planning. And the other is the religious belief of wanting a male child. Some want to protect their ancestors. Though there has been a bill of the two-child policy, the country’s population is still increasing. Overpopulation is really a curse against the growth of a country. 

8. Unemployment

With the increasing population, unemployment has also been an important problem in India. This issue is still unresolved. Most of the people in our country work at a private farm, and there have been many people who are working odd jobs. Being an educated person, one has to face unemployment issues. With a very meager amount of money, people are delving into poverty. Either crime increase or we see suicide. 

The government should take action against this issue. Everybody should deserve a good job that can sustain life properly. Another main reason for unemployment is the lack of skill. We are confronting more opportunities around us. By improving one skill properly, the unemployment rate could be reduced. Just because of the pandemic, we have seen an increase in unemployment. If it is not tackled properly by the government as well as us, it can lead to a dangerous situation. 

9. Basic Sanitation

According to sources, there are 700 million people who have no access to toilets. Mainly the rural areas face the consequences of this issue. So, they are forced to use the open areas that lead to numerous diseases like cholera, dehydration, diarrhea, etc. This is one of the top 10 major current social issues in India. Many rural schools don’t have toilets that cause great difficulty to girls. 

Recently, we have seen some improvements in many rural areas by making toilets. If the basic sanitation issue is resolved, it will be helpful for millions of people living in India. Our sewage system also should be properly addressed by the government. Due to rain, we confront floods in many cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. Solid waste management, pumping station, and drainage system development should be improved to tackle the country’s sewage system. 

10. Caste System

India has been a country of many castes over the years since the inception of the scriptures. This issue is believed to be a disease in the country. This system has created discrimination in us. We have seen some violence also because of this issue. The caste system was divided into four sections – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisya, and Shudra. They come in order one after the other. Though the country has addressed this issue, it is still not resolved. The Dalit are still considered a backward class. As every person is equal to their needs, we should mention them as equal rather than tagging a caste. 

People are aware of this one of India’s top 10 major current social issues, but there is still aversion by following against the issue. The Indian constitution believes in equality, where every person should be treated equally. There is still gender discrimination also, and this is why we see women are always behind men. The Indian government is doing its best to root out this belief. There has been an act called the Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.


Social issues can hinder the growth of any country. But as awareness is increasing everywhere, it is expected that we will see a new world without any problems. Though it may take a huge time, the time will come. To address these issues, we all have to be cooperative, and otherwise, it won’t work. I hope this list of the top 10 major current social issues in India will help you to gain some knowledge.

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